OBK Accountants announce collaboration with FundCalcs

OBK Accountants have announced that their Fund Services division are collaborating with independent software providers, FundCalcs.  Initially the focus will be on exploring and expanding the range of uses for FundCalcs performance fee and equalisation software. Future plans centre around the automation and streamlining of the funds audit process and creating further efficiencies in the fund administration area.

FundCalcs performance fee software is a robust cloud based, transparent and flexible system to calculate or verify performance fees. It can be tailored for any calculations, even the most bespoke, complicated performance fees and equalisation methods. It has a wide range of applications for managers, administrators, auditors and consultants.

Mary Keily, Fund Services Leader at OBK Accountants said of the collaboration: “Fund Calcs have developed innovative and exciting new software. Performance fee equalisation can now be independently verified for audit, due diligence or other control and oversight purposes. I am particularly impressed by the user friendly interface and the visible transaction trail.  It has the potential to change the way we as an industry manage, calculate and control performance fees and I am looking forward to being a part of that.”


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Date Added: 26 May 2014

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