Extension to the Household Charge and Local Property Tax Deadline: Act Now

Having received around 10,000 calls to their Local Property Tax Helpline yesterday morning, Revenue have extended the deadline for compliance with local property tax and household charges until close of business tomorrow, 2nd April. A huge proportion of calls related to unpaid household charge liabilities, with many householders only now realising the implications of leaving these charges unpaid. The household charge was initially €100, but in doubled to €200 if it wasn’t paid by last July. Any unpaid charges of €200, if not paid by 2nd April will automatically convert into local property tax, and interest at a rate of 8% per year will be applied from July 2013 until the liability is paid. So the liability will have increased to €213 by the end of April if it is ignored.


 This liability is subject to the same range of penalties and enforcement actions as other local property tax liabilities. Revenue stated that they will commence mandatory deductions of unpaid household charges from payroll and pensions in April. They may also withhold the full amount of a tax refund due, refuse tax clearance certificates and can impose a surcharge of 10% on income tax liabilities for self assessed persons, including self employed people and landlords.


The LPT helpline (1890 200 255) is open from 8am to 8pm today and 8am to 5pm tomorrow. Any property owner that has submitted a genuine query - whether by email, letter or voicemail to the helpline - in respect of their obligations in advance of Wednesday evening will be treated as having complied with their requirements on time. (For this treatment to apply however, their affairs must be brought up to date promptly when the query is resolved).


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Date Added: 01 Apr 2014

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