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Chartered Accountants provide expert financial solutions for business and personal needs. Chartered Accountants Ireland is the longest established and largest accounting body in Ireland, having been set up in 1888, and currently represents 22,000 members. Chartered Accountants are professionally qualified advisers who work at the heart of business and finance, offering their skills to a range of organisations and to people from all walks of life. Through a combination of precise, insightful and ethical thinking, Chartered Accountants are without equal in powering the right business decisions and serving as a financial conscience within the community.


Chartered Accountants are the number one choice because they offer much more than traditional accounting services. Their skills and knowledge extend well beyond the conventional understanding of “accounting”. A Chartered Accountant will do much more than just crunch the numbers, and will become an active participant in your business. Chartered Accountants have unrivalled business networks that can be tapped into for business and industry specific advice.


The Chartered Accountants qualification is recognised worldwide as a mark of excellence, inspiring respect and confidence.  Their training program combines technical and theoretical learning with practical on the job training. Continuing professional training is required after qualification to ensure that technical skills remain up to date. The program is renowned for its rigour, practicality and quality, making Chartered Accountants the best qualified finance professionals around.


Chartered Accountants maintain high ethical standards and comply with stringent independence requirements, setting them apart from other business advisers. Chartered Accountants in practice are subject to ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with the high standards that form the cornerstone of the profession.


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Date Added: 25 Feb 2014

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