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“Outstanding Business Knowledge” 

“Nobody ever changes their Accountant. It’s too much trouble. I can’t be bothered changing even though I’m not happy with the service or the price. “

Right? Wrong!! Remember when no one used to change their utility suppliers, or their bank? Who remembers when we didn’t use coupons in the supermarket or sell our unwanted stuff online?

You deserve excellent service at prices that truly represent value for money. You deserve accountants who have deep experience and a genuine interest in your business. 

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.”


Your business has now emerged from its start up and initial growth phases and is now looking for additional expertise to bring it to the next level. Take a fresh look at how things are done. Let us help you.

OBK have through its partners, direct experience in the following key areas of development

  • Major Restructuring & Rationalisation.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions.
  • Driving Cash Flow through Working Capital Reviews.
  • Non Executive Director services.


Whether it is a review of your financial processes or a review of your management reporting (financial and otherwise) OBK will be able to provide an exceptional service at a cost effective price.

OBK doesn’t actually stand for “Outstanding Business Knowledge” but maybe it should!  We can use our experience and expertise to help deliver your aspirations for your business.


Give yourself the edge!

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