Growing Business

You’ve given life to your business, survived that critical first twelve months and are now planning to scale up the business to the next level .Your opportunities are growing but so too are your challenges.

You now need expert business advice more than ever!

At OBK we can assist in your growth by

  • Providing Outsourced Financial Processing facilities.
  • Assist in sourcing and executing the raising of Finance and Capital.
  • Developing a Financial Reporting Dashboard so that you know what matters when it matters.
  • Targeting potential acquisitions.
  • Providing Due Diligence services for Acquisitions & Disposals.
  • Ensuring your Corporate Structure is appropriate.
  • Providing Non Executive Director services (as appropriate).

OBK will provide cost effective solutions with maximum returns. We will help you select the tools for your financial toolbox now that your needs have become more sophisticated. Solutions that were perfectly adequate in your business start up stage may start to let you down. Don’t just spread yourself too thin in an effort to keep everything going. Call us and begin the journey of building a well controlled, financially stable business that will prosper in the long term.

OBK will become your key business partner, not just your Accountant. We don’t just focus on the “books and accounts” we are interested in building an effective Management Information System that will assist in, and in some instances drive your decision making process. Performance metrics are vital at this stage of your business, you need to know what sales & marketing strategies are the most effective, whether all of your product lines are worthwhile financially, and are your losing out because working capital is not actively managed.

You will make your business grow. OBK will help you, every step of the way.

Give yourself the best platform for growth.

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