Taxation Services

At OBK we provide taxation services for Business Owners as well as for Private Individuals.

Taxation Services for Business Owners

Corporation Tax

OBK will manage your Corporation Tax process and ensure that your obligations and filings are up to date.  

Tax Planning

OBK has a network of tax consultants who will provide regular updates on how to, legally, minimise your tax bill.

Succession Planning

Family businesses need to have a structured, tax efficient succession plan in place to ensure the continued viability of the business. OBK will look at the various ways of extracting cash in a tax efficient manner and also the appropriate structures for the transfer of ownership in the business.  

Retirement Planning

Changes in taxation and pension legislation have increased the emphasis on retirement planning. OBK will work with its network of advisors to set out the options and opportunities available to you within the legislation.

VAT Reviews and Returns

OBK will manage your VAT returns process and also through an extensive checklist ensure that your VAT compliance is in order.

PAYE/PRSI/USC Reviews & Returns

OBK, as part of its Accounts service will review your processes to ensure that you are appropriately compliant for PAYE/PRSI/USC and suggest ways of improving your processes to reduce exposure to tax. We will also manage your returns obligations.

Revenue Audits

It is essential for companies who are subject to Revenue Audits to have someone working with them before, during and after the Audit. OBK will utilise its network of tax experts to give you the best possible advice on disclosure and strategy when dealing with the Revenue.

Personal Taxation

PAYE Refunds (no refund, no fee)

Millions of Euro each year is left unclaimed by taxpayers not knowing about their full range of tax allowances and credits. OBK will manage this process for you. The average Irish tax refund is €880, and you can claim for the last four years. You may be entitled to a refund in respect of some of the following:

Medical expenses Maternity Benefit Dependent Relative
Orthodontist Fees Redundancy Work Uniforms
Medical Insurance Trade Union Fees Home Carer Credit
Rent Relief Nursing Home Fees Sick Leave
Tuition Fees Incapacitated Child Carers Fees

We will submit your tax claim for you and arrange your refund, if you are entitled to one. You don’t pay until you receive your refund. Contact us for a free estimate.


Personal Taxation Returns

OBK offers a full Personal Tax service for taxpayers. We are an approved TAIN agent and will ensure that your affairs are always in order. You may be required to submit a tax return if:

  • You are a PAYE worker but have other sources of income (such as rental income, investment income or foreign income including pensions).
  • You are self employed, either as a sole trader or a director of your own company.

Returns must be filed by 31 October each year, together with the tax due if any (there is usually an extension to mid November for returns filed on line). The penalties for late returns as follows:

  • 5% of the tax due (up to a maximum of 12,695) if the return is made within 2 months of the filing date.
  • 10% of the tax due (up to a maximum of €63,465) if the return is made more than 2 months after the filing date.

OBK will calculate your tax liability and file your return, ensuring that you meet your obligations and also that you have claimed all relevant credits and reliefs, minimising your tax liability as much as possible. Contact us for a quote, tailored to your individual circumstances and needs.