10 Reasons to Change your Accountants

Look at the following statements – Are they true for your business?

  1. My Accountant charges me too much
    At OBK we provide a cost effective service for all work done. There are no surprises, you know what you will pay and what you will get.

  2. I don’t understand my Accountants when I meet them.
    At OBK we talk and write in plain English, all our written advice is given in a straight forward manner and we always ensure that our clients know and understand what we are recommending.

  3. I never get to see the senior accountants in the practice.
    At OBK we guarantee that all clients will have some direct time with one of our Partners and that where staff change we strive to maintain the highest level of continuity possible. We can arrange meetings at times and locations that suit you. Our offices in Ashbourne will have longer opening hours than standard and we can arrange to meet you wherever is practical.

  4. My Accountant isn’t very practical and doesn’t really understand my business.
    At OBK we are committed to keeping you compliant with your obligations but we are driven by solving your problems. Our partners have spent most their professional lives in senior executive roles in Industry. Being practical is what they do and what they’ve had to do for over 20 years.

  5. My Accountant never suggests how I should grow my business.
    At OBK we take great pride in seeing our clients grow. We are constantly looking for new markets for our clients and creating relationships for them to grow. Our networks are extensive and we utilise them for the benefits of our clients.

  6. I never see my accountant
    At OBK Accountants we are committed to having quarterly meetings with all our clients to ensure that we understand what going on in their business and that we can pass on our business suggestions and also any changes in legislation or compliance. We also have a regular mailout to clients detailing items of interest to them.

  7. My Accountant doesn’t feel like part of our team and isn’t interested in my business
    At OBK, our objective is to become a key strategic advisor for your business, we will be a sounding board for your ideas and someone you can call for advice at all times.

  8. My Accountant Just Says No and doesn’t listen
    At OBK Just because your accountant needs to help you stay on the straight and narrow and meet regulatory and compliance obligations, doesn’t mean their only function is to shoot down your ideas. We will listen to your business needs and help you find ways to make them happen.

  9. My Accountant does things at the last minute
    At OBK, we believe that that if there is one way to ensure that deadlines are missed and accuracy is compromised it’s by leaving things until the last minute. We work in an organised, structured manner and plan our workflows well in advance so that clients are not put under unnecessary pressure.

  10. My Accountant is “Just an Accountant”
    At OBK our partners have direct industry experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations as well as Finance. We will be your Accountant.  We will also be much more than that.


Now do you want to change Accountants?

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